From Reactive to Resilient

3 steps to create a calm, confident & professional edge at work!

Whether you want to be considered for that next project or promotion, be taken seriously in the boardroom, gain the respect you deserve, or just to have peace at work, this guide is for you!

Follow these simple steps to:

  • Understand what fuels your emotions
  • Identify the triggers that cause your passion to spike
  • Learn 20 practical ways to keep calm & carry on
  • Create your strategy to be your fabulous self!

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What People are Saying

Cheri P., Director of HR

"A must for anyone who wants to be part of the core team."

Loreen C., C.O.O.

"A superb building block to accelerate your leadership journey."

Melinda R., Quality Manager

"Helped me create a new sense of self-awareness that I can build upon."

Hi there! I'm Amy Pearl and I help women like you overcome challenges at work, ignite their passion, achieve their goals, and live fabulous lives. I'd love to help you, too.

I've created my tools and techniques over 3 decades, first as a corporate gal working for a big bank and then, by coaching hundreds of people like you. I've gained a reputation as a no-nonsense yet fun-loving coach who asks thought-provoking questions and delivers actionable ideas.  Every tip has been tested by my clients. I know they'll work for you, too!

We never share your information. Period.